Beach Volleyball Activities

To spend your evening and your leisure time, you can choose to play the game of beach volley ball, close to the campsite. The best thing about the game is it causes less sports related injuries as compared to other team sports. You can enjoy the sport of volley ball with your family and friends. It fun to play on soft sandy natural floor. Simply, people of any age group can indulge in this sports activity. It is also a good exercise to motivate your energy level. While travelling in group with like minded people, beach volley ball can also provide you with the opportunity of making new friends.

If you like taking up challenges, we have our top volley ball players on the beach. You can learn a lot of technical skills from these experts. With the river flowing on one side and mountains all around, the game is truly going to be a unique experience for you. The volley ball court is full size and twelve people can join in the game at one time. In short, it is one of the most fantastic ways to spend your evening on the sandy beach.

Beach Volleyball Beach Volleyball Beach Volleyball

Body Surfing Activities

Beach Volleyball Tour Packages - Stay in Beach Camp + River Rafting
Beach Volleyball Tour Packages - Stay in Jungle Camp + River Rafting

Place to Chill
After a fun-filled day of river rafting or trekking in uttarakhand, you can spend the evening completely at leisure. There are a number of leisurely activities that you can get busy with. Take a stroll along the soft sandy beach, talk to your group mates and feast your eyes upon the impressive sights of the Himalayas. The river is flowing close to you and you can always choose to take a deep in the freezing cold water, particularly during mid-summer. You can also get yourself a wonderful tan on the clean beach. Walking to the ghats is a good option to watch local people busy with their rituals and religious activities.

Evening can be pure fun as you sit around a bonfire, close to your campsite. Enjoy barbecue dinner to add to the charm of holidaying in Rishikesh. Get ready to do all those crazy things that you wanted to do while sitting around the campfire. Sing your favourite tunes and get other members of the group dancing to it. Share you travel stories and experiences with your fellow travellers. Just chill and enjoy your holiday as much as you possibly can.

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